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Transformers: Fanart on Deviantart

Aiuke is my absolute FAVORITE Transformers artist in the entire universe!  Her art is stunning and unique.  Slash and general couples.

Coo-coo-coo is an amazing Transformers artist from Japan.  The fanart is beautiful and slashy, just the way I like it!  Her favorite couple is clearly: Soundwave x Jazz.

Jazzthetiger has amazing fanart for lovers of Wasp/Waspinator x Bee.  Plenty of other slash pairings too!  Lots of TFA and Dragonformers.

EvilWinnie is well known for her Decepticon fanart.  Particularly her TFP Starscream and Knockout art.  Plenty of art and doujinshi of a slashy nature.

JinoSan's fanart and doujinshi is adorable!  She's fond of using chibi-style for her Transformers art.

Krazifreak has both fics and fanart of Transformers.  Very cute kittycons!  Slash.

Murr-miay is best known for her array of Megatron x Optimus fanart (especially TFA).  Slash.

I especially love Shy-Light's "GTW: Rules..."  These are short and absolutely hilarious Transformers-related doujinshi guides to warfare)
Rule 36 is a personal fav.

Just-Nuts.  Love the TFP fanart and doujinshi.  Slash.

Favorite MLP Songs/Clips

This Day Aria, Rarity's Fashion Show, and some random moments from MLP.
Click here to watch the videos...Collapse )

Favorite "Harry Potter" Fics


For Our Parents Willed So: Peter and Remus have been prepared to their prearranged marriage ever since they were five. So, it's hard for them to understand why Sirius and James hate their fiances. Can the couples work out their differences? SLASH RLPP JPSS SBLM (Discontinued, but I still love it!).

Harry Potter

http://wingedtora.webs.com/miscrecs1.htm (will update from this when I have time)
I've been watching the show and it's rather cute.  Wish they'd add a gay or lesbian character though.  I have my suspicions about the Prince.  Anyway, here are my favorite episodes.

Suited for Success: (season 1, ep 14) Rarity's fashion show!

A Dog and Pony Show: (season 1, ep 19) Who doesn't love the Diamond Dogs?  Ok, the leader looks like a cat.  Besides, Rarity's "complaining vs. whining" argument is just hilarious.

The Return of Harmony: (season 2, ep 1) I just love Discord!

Lesson Zero: (season 2, ep 3)  HaHaHa!  TwilightSparkle is going nuts!  Her psycho laugh is hilarious.

Luna Eclipsed: (season 2, ep 4) Finally, we get an episode about everyone's favorite night princess.  Nightmare Night in Ponyville.

Hearts and Hooves Day: (season 2, ep 17) It seemed to me that Miss. Cheerilee might have been more interested in a Mare than a Stallion. But they can't say that in a kids' show... yet.  I was a bit annoyed at how the girls assumed that their teacher must be looking for a male to be her special someone.  21st Century, people!  Love is love!

Putting Your Hoof Down: (season 2, ep 19)  Fluttershy learns to be assertive.

Favorite Fics: By Category

Invader Zim

Conquer Me: In the days before Impending Doom, only one Tallest reigned supreme. However, his days were numbered and a successor was needed. But what happens when there isn't one successor... but two? (My favorite Red x Purple fic).

Complications: Zim becomes ill and as he begins to look for the cause of this strange new virus, he finds a rather unexpected source.(LOL funny!)

There are Always Two: After spending years on Earth Zim has grown tall enough to rival the All-mighty Tallest. Now there is just one thing standing in his way. Irken law dictates there must always be TWO Tallest. So who will he choose to stand by his side?

To Flame or Not to Flame

Ah, flamers.  Anyone that has ever posted anything on the internet knows about flamers.  Also known as trolls.  In fact, they probably have many, many names that I can't be bothered to look up.

As a yaoi/slash writer, once in a while, some odd human being decides that something written on the internet has offended them SOOOO very much, that they have to let us know.  I'm pretty sure the ones that have flamed me personally haven't even bothered to read the fic they're upset with.  No, no.  They just see a slash pairing and decide that enough is enough.  The world just isn't big enough for straight and gay pairings.  Apparently, the internet should have police who make sure that yaoi/yuri fangirls and fanboys can't spread their love of homoerotica. 

Hmmm... makes you wonder what kind of person they are in real life.  I'd have a hard time being friends with someone who acted like this in the real world. 

I've been wandering the Wreck-It Ralph fanfiction since the trailers came out.  And, since the plotbunny bit me, I wrote a fic before the movie even came out.  It was one-sided slash, but apparently the flamer couldn't handle it.  Now, most of the Wreck-It Ralph fiction out there has straight pairings.  I don't bother with straight fanfiction, most of the time, but I wouldn't stop people from writing it.  Wish there was more slash, but that's neither here, nor there.  So, to receive a rude (but amusing) flame from someone who comments that "my kind" should not be allowed to post our "degenerate mindset" on the internet, is rather... well, amusing.  You think people would be more worried about rape and murder (you know, stuff that actually hurts sentient people), but no... they waste their time trolling for slash so they can tell the writers their opinion.  What a waste of time.  Makes me want to write a slashy sex scene and send it to them... :)

"Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind."

My Favorite Transformers Fics

Medic Fever: This is a series of stories or drabbles based around Ratchet in Transformers Prime. (my fav is Ratchet x Soundwave: Sparkling Treatise)


Wolf By the Ears: TFA, post end. The Autobot Council discovers that the captured Decepticon leader has ancient, dormant slave programing. Optimus Prime is the bot they choose as his master. He's not too thrilled. (TFA, Megatron x Optimus)

Partners: Lockdown offered him selfish solace in exchange for his values. What if Prowl had said yes? A piecemeal look at Prowl and Lockdown's inter-galactic life in all its odd, sweet and dangerous moments. (Lockdown x Prowl). 'What-If' sequel to 'Deadlocked'.

Rite of Passage: (AU) Prowl’s rite of passage is… (Godformers, Lockdown x Prowl)

Savior: Armada.  Optimus takes mercy upon a dying Starscream and brings him back to the Autobots' base. (Jetfire x Starscream).

(One of my favorite fics, but alas, the author has removed it.  It is currently still available for download at the above link.  Download at your own risk... though it hasn't given me any issues)

Twinning the Hatchet: The twins are up to their usual shenanigans, and Ratchet gets caught in the middle. G1. (Twins x Ratchet)

Followed by several fics, including Unexpectedly Blue, (Wheeljack x Bluestreak)
and Lapus Memoriae (Twins x Ratchet, WJ x Blue)

Games in the Playground: Side's and Sunny like their pranks … but perhaps they weren't always pulling them for the reason everyone thinks. (Ratchet/Twins)

Earn Our Wings: Although they appeared to be suited to a life on wheels, their sparks yearned for the open sky; the rush of the wind and the feeling of leaving everything behind. (Red Alert/Sideswipe/Sunstreaker)

Trinemates: Trinemates - the most precious bond to be had with another seeker.' The first meeting of TC, Warp and Starscream, when they were all seekerlets still. Humor, a little Comfort, cute babies. (Thundercracker/Skywarp/Starscream)

The Ones in Command: Being related to Seekers meant having some of the same programming and Prowl has been suppressing his for way to long. Now the codes are out and he wants a Trine and two poor bots won't know what hit them. (Prowl x Ratchet x Red Alert)

When a Tactiction Loves a Sabetour: Prowl falls in love and decides to do something about it. (Prowl x Jazz)

Feminine Troubles: Something of a fix-fic for all those gender-bender stories where someone turns female and becomes a wuss. The Autobots are female. Amazons, Roll Out! (slash... sort of.  Many pairings)

Little Wonders: A frightening accident leaves a certain F15 Eagle fighter jet as a baby sparkling and Optimus has taken him in to raise him. Of course, Megatron finds this to be an excellent opportunity to mold the perfect soldier…

More Than Just A Passing Glance: Sometimes you just /know/. Five and a half stories of love at first sight, assorted slash pairings, including Inferno/Red Alert and Megatron/Starscream.

Sanctuary: Starscream's sparkbearer died giving birth to him. Megatron has never forgiven him for that. It's all his brothers can do to keep him alive.

The Benefits Of Sobriety: Who would have thought that Megatron, Starscream and high-grade don't mix. Can the two Decepticons over come past mistakes and build an actual relationship with each other? (Megatron x Starscream).  Followed by the still being written sequel: Structure and Discipline

Sparkpulse: How might things have gone had it been Optimus who took Starscream under his wing before the war instead of Megatron? (Optimus x Starscream)


A Hero for Sale: What do you get when you mix slavery, aliens robots and miscommunications? (no pairings really, just LOL fun!)

Replacement: Roads - For Scorponok the road from Decepticon assassin to trusted Autobot isn't exactly a smooth one. Ficlets set in the same continuity as my oneshot "Replacement".  (Scorponok being absolutely adorable)

Sky and Ground: Slashy robot slashiness. An angsty little miniseries of my OTP: Barricade/Skywarp. Bayverse. (Barricade x Skywarp)

Trials of a Seeker: Will gets turned into a Seeker. Things really go downhill from there. (Will x Ironhide, etc)

(Beast Wars)

Thief in the Night: Earth wasn't the first time Rattrap met Dinobot. Reposted from the kinkmeme. (Dinobot x Rattrap)


Favorite Autobot: Optimus
Favorite Decepticon: Starscream
Favorite Universe: Depends.  For fanfiction, I love G1 the best.  But when it comes to actually watching the show, I love TFA.

As you can likely see, I adore Starscream.  Starscream x anyone, really.  Skyfire is a sweetie, Optimus' voice is freakin' amazing, and Megatron can be decent... if he tries. I also ship these couples with a passion: Ratchet x Twins, Inferno x Red Alert, Longarm/Shockwave x Blurr (or Bee or Cliffjumper), Starscream x anyone (Optimus, Skyfire, Megatron, Twins, etc), Bumblebee x Wasp(inator), Lockdown x Prowl, Dinobot x Rattrap, and Megatron x Sunstreaker... this last one is rare, but the fics are amazing!

House of Mouse 4

Snow white

Cross-dressing... gotta love it! 

(if you didn't already know, that's Pete pretending to be Snow White)

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